Rev. Patricia Matthews Begins in July


I am excited to announce that the Reverend Patricia Matthews is coming to Saint Mark’s as Assistant Rector. Patricia has nearly twenty years’ experience serving in the Episcopal Church, and I believe she has the gifts and talents that we need at this time. She loves to preach and teach and is a very compassionate pastor. She will make a great addition to our clergy team. Patricia starts the week of July 10 and will preach on her first Sunday July 16. Please keep Patricia and her family in your prayers, as she prepares to join us.

I’m also very happy to tell you that the Reverend Michael McCain is now Assistant Rector. Michael has done a great job as curate, and I am grateful for his continuing ministry at Saint Mark’s. Michael, Lisa, Susan, Joanna and I have worked well as a team, and I’m confident that same collaborative spirit will continue with Patricia on board.

Although I look forward with confidence to these changes, I am also aware how much we will all miss Lisa. My focus this month will be on saying goodbye well to her. I have already begun to tell her some of the things I will miss about her and her ministry here. I invite you to join me in taking this time to reflect on our journey together these past five years, and share with Lisa what her presence has meant to you.



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