In Our Church

See our Ministry Guide for a complete listing of ministry opportunities at St. Mark’s.

You have dozens of opportunities to involve yourself in the support of the church community at St. Mark’s. There’s never a shortage of work to be done in a parish as energetic and alive as ours.

If you’re interested in participating in any of the following groups, or just want more information, simply click the “learn more” link to send an email to the church office.

Acolytes assist the clergy in worship services in the church.  Young people in grades 6-12, and adults of any age, are assigned to teams which serve on a rotating basis at the Eucharist services each Sunday.  Acolytes also assist at other special services. Email for more information

Altar Guild is a group of volunteers who prepare the Lord’s Table each week for Eucharist.  This group works in teams assigned to each service – from the regular Sunday liturgies to beautiful special services like weddings and funerals. Email for more information

The Pew Crew keeps the church building in order by replacing visitor cards and pencils, straightening Hymnals and Prayer Books, and seeing that the church and chapel are ready for worship. Email for more information

Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist the clergy in administering the bread and wine at the celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. Email for more information

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Eucharistic Visitors go out each Sunday after church to conduct a brief but complete Eucharist, taking consecrated bread and wine to sick and shut-in members. Email for more information

Family Care Guild members step in to help out in times of stress and crisis.  When you or a family member is sick, has a new baby or a death, this group offers support in the form of meals, phone calls, cards of encouragement, prayers and other forms of assistance. Email for more information

Members of the Fishes & Loaves ministry work in teams to bake and freeze casseroles to be taken to parishioners and others during times of family illness, births, deaths and other events. A variety of casseroles are kept frozen in the church kitchen to be delivered on short notice when a need arises.   Great for those with a desire to cook! Email for more information

Flower Guild purchases and prepares floral decorations for the church on Feast Days and special occasions, and helps get flowers from the church into small vases to be distributed to shut-ins.  Email for more information

Greeters are volunteers who are there to welcome all who come to our services, particularly visitors and newcomers. Email for more information

Grounds Keepers are volunteers who look after our large and beautifully landscaped campus which includes our Garden Columbarium,  several separate garden areas, playgrounds, fields, and woods.   Email for more information

The Homebound and Nursing Home Care Ministry helps connect active members to members who may not be able to attend church often or may not be able to leave their nursing home.  This ministry keeps us connected to all parishioners.  Volunteers visit people in Hospice care, nursing homes, long term acute care, rehab centers, and those at home.  These volunteers assist Clergy by making them aware of any needs or changes with these parishioners. Email for more information

Hospital Visitors are trained volunteers who take turns visiting people in area hospitals. Their visits are in addition to our clergy visits.  A Hospital Visitor usually visits one day per week.  Email for more information

Intercessors are parishioners who pray daily for those whose names are on the Intercessory Prayer List. Names are placed on the list by calling the parish office. Email for more information

Prayer Shawl Guild While members knit or crochet beautiful shawls, they pray for the recipients. The shawls are then blessed at the altar during a worship service, and are given to parishioners who have a serious illness or death in the family.  The Guild also participates in projects for organizations such as Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Email for more information

Lectors are lay persons who come forward during worship services to read a designated portion of that day’s assigned scriptures. Email for more information

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Newcomer’s Committee members are here to assure that every person who visits St. Mark’s is given a warm welcome, a special gift and the opportunity to meet parish members at a meal. Email for more information

Office Volunteers work limited and flexible hours in the church office, providing assistance to the staff. These folks serve as office receptionist, answer phones and assist with other office tasks. Email for more information

Parishioners are contacted by our Shepherds Call Ministry three times a year to notify them of upcoming events: Rally Day, Advent, and Lent.  The Shepherd’s ministry reminds parishioners that the St. Mark’s community is thinking about them and that they are an important part of the congregation.

The Thurifer holds and swings the thurible (censor that makes smoke).  Incense is burned to symbolize our prayers rising to God.   The thurifer participates in special services and festivals. Email for more information

Ushers greet worshipers and offer them a worship bulletin as they enter the sanctuary.  During communion, ushers maintain an orderly flow to the altar rail.  After the service they collect used worship bulletins and lock the church. Email for more information

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Vergers assist in the organization and the operation of the worship service, much like a master of ceremonies.  The Verger uses the verge (staff) to clear the path for the procession, and directs the lectors, servers and clergy throughout the festive celebrations. Email for more information

Worship Leaders are non-ordained persons who participate in worship services by reading designated parts of the service.  Additionally, they lead the service of Morning Prayer each weekday morning in the chapel. Email for more information

Any one of these groups would welcome your involvement. And you’ll have a great time working with others, extending the Body of Christ at St. Mark’s.