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ChristCare Small Groups Are…

Gatherings of 4 to 12 people  ChristCare Groups are small so they can provide the caring relationships and spiritual growth that occur within the nurturing environment of a small group. When a ChristCare Group grows to between 10 and 12 members, it births into two groups. That way groups always remain small enough for quality relating, yet always have room for more people.

Who meet on a regular basis  ChristCare Groups usually meet weekly or twice a month. When group members meet regularly, they learn to trust and share at deeper levels more quickly.

With a trained, commissioned, and supervised leader  Leading a Christ-centered, life-transformational small group requires a number of different skills. A congregation’s Equippers thoroughly train ChristCare Group Leaders to exercise these skills and to share leadership tasks with other group members.

In order to grow in their relationship with Jesus  Christ ChristCare Group members grow as disciples of Jesus by participating in the four ChristCare Group activities described below.

The Four ChristCare Group Activities

Community Building and Care   A ChristCare Group is a safe, nurturing place where group members can share their joys and sorrows, support one another in daily life, care for and be cared for, and encourage one another in their Christian walk.

Biblical Equipping   ChristCare Group members follow an 8-step cycle of hearing, discussing, reflecting upon, and living the Scriptures–not only when they are together as a group, but between group meetings. Biblical Equipping becomes life-transforming as group members apply God’s truths to their daily lives. You can learn more by ordering the book Biblical Equipping: God’s Word in Your World.

Prayer and Worship   ChristCare Group members grow in their ability to pray and worship God–both individually and as a group. Each group explores ways to pray and worship together that meet the needs and comfort levels of its members.

Missional Service   After experiencing God’s love in the group, ChristCare Group members find specific ways to reach out with God’s love to those outside the group. In doing so, ChristCare Groups typically meet a variety of needs in a congregation and community.

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