Music & Choir

organAt Saint Mark’s we recognize the power music has to beautify our worship. We place great importance on giving the best we can by using the musical and vocal expertise available in our congregation and beyond. It is a ministry in which we invite you to participate and to have a great time while doing it.

Music is one of the most basic elements of human life. We are surrounded and marked by music. Songs and carols at Christmas, lullabies we sing to children, the pieces played or sung at our weddings or other celebratory occasions; these are all examples of the integral place of music in our lives.

Our Sunday liturgy is enhanced every week by music. Music can express things we cannot say by using words alone. It can capture the mystery and wonder of the God we worship. It can also capture the deepest longings we feel or the greatest joy we can experience.

The Church possesses a fine pipe organ which leads our singing, prepares us for worship through the prelude and sends us out into the world with a postlude. Saint Mark’s has been fortunate in enjoying excellent organ playing over the years. The current organist is Tim Allen, an Englishman with nearly twenty years experience in British cathedral music and over a decade working in prestigious American church-music posts.

Here is a listing of scheduled musical events at St. Mark’s for the 2017-17 season music-at-st-marks-2016-17

The Parish Choir is the most visible musical ensemble in the parish. It sings and leads worship every Sunday morning, for the major church feasts and other special services such as Evensong. The music we sing is from what we refer to as the “Anglican cathedral tradition” – high quality compositions that require some preparation and rehearsal.  The choir rehearses every Wednesday evening from September to May from 7:00 to 8:30. It is a friendly group of musicians. A weekly newsletter keeps everyone informed and we supply all music and robes. The ability to read a line of music is desirable. In the last couple of years we have welcomed some new voices and look forward to expanding and growing musically. Our rehearsals include technical and musical instruction as well as some lighter moments! Anyone is always welcome to observe a rehearsal in progress.

St Mark’s Choristers  The children’s choir, The Choristers, sing at the 10:30 service on the third Sunday of each month and rehearse on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00-5:00. Rehearsal always starts with lemonade and snacks before having fun with singing games, warm-ups and learning of anthems. Along the way we learn about music, language, singing and liturgy. We recommend second grade as a starting age but a good reader in the first grade would enjoy and benefit from the experience.

Handbell Choir is the newest ensemble in the program. The group rehearses on Sunday mornings from 9:15 until 9:50. Enthusiasm is the foremost requirement for a handbell ringer. The technique is relatively easy and once the combination of counting and reading is mastered it is great fun to ring and make music.

Third Sunday at Three  This is a regular series of free recitals on the third Sunday of each month during the academic year at 3:00. Third Sundays at Three attracts excellent musicians and is developing a healthy audience. Assistance is always needed for front of house and other organizational issues.

For further details about all these opportunities please see Tim Allen. He can be found at the organ console after every service or you can contact him by e-mail at [email protected], or by phone at 501-225-4203.